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Technomag Now Provides PPAP Level Documentation for the AIAG - 10/28/2015

Since our establishment in 1999, Technomag has been serving a variety of industries with numerous products. Our products serve a wide range of applications such as sensors, automotive, transducers, reed switches, instruments, meters, buzzers, alarms, motors, and so much more. Over the years our customers have learned that they can rely on us to provide them with only the best when it comes to magnets and electrical components.

Today we are proud to announce that we are now able to provide PPAP level certification to the Automotive Industry Action Group, which is a not-for-profit association that is in place to develop a framework and recommendations in order to improve the overall quality of the automotive industry in North America. By being able to provide them with Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) level documentation we are ensuring that our magnets are up to code for all production designs and processes.

This just adds to our reputation as an industry leader and provides our customers with insurances that they will only get the best when they work with Technomag. We look forward to working with you in the future whether you are part of the automotive industry or one of the many other industries we serve.

Bendable Batteries - 9/14/2015

Bendable BatteryWe have been in business since 1999 and have made it our mission to always be on the cutting edge of technology. We are proud to announce the addition of Amogreentech Bendable Batteries to our product line. This is a welcome addition to our already extensive line of electronic components, integrated circuits, LEDs, and other essential electronic parts.

Bare Cell BatteryThese batteries are fully flexible allowing for use in a wide range of application such as wearable wrist devices, footwear devices that require a curved battery or outdoor fabrics and jackets that contain wearable devices.

These batteries are completely safe and have been thoroughly tested to ensure our customers safety. They both localize and minimize heat damaged areas, and allow for all kinds of bending and stretching. For more information on our bendable batteries visit our product page for them, found here.

Technomag Bonded Magnets for the Automotive Industry - 8/5/2015

Technomag has been in the industry since 1999 and we are experts when it comes to magnets and magnetization. We work with a number of different industries because of the number of products we supply. We are proud to say that we have a history of working with the automobile industry and that our magnet grades FA-15 to FB-20 are used extensively in the automotive industry.

Bonded magnets play a vital role in the world of the automobile, applications such as air conditioning, Anti-lock brake systems, multi speaker radio and CD systems, door mirror positioning, window lift, engine cooling fans, and seat positioning. All of these and more utilize the power of magnets to perform the job that is needed from them. It is said the average car has around 200 bonded magnets within it with the potential for more in the future as technology grows and the need for more magnets expands.

Growth is predicted thanks to the plans to increase voltages in automotive electronics, the addition of drive by wire, electrical steering, braking systems, climate control, and headlight positioning. These will all result in a dramatic growth in the magnetic material usage. Technomag is going to be there supplying the industry with top of the line, premium bonded magnets that get the job done right.

Alnico Magnets for Pickups - 6/26/2015

Technomag is a leading manufacturer that has been in business since 1999, we are proud to say we work with a number of different industries for a number of different applications. These applications can include reed switches, transducers, meters, alarms, motors, printers, automotive, tools, and more. One area we really enjoy working is with alnico magnets, specifically alnico magnets in terms of guitar pickups.

Alnico magnets come in different grades Alnico 2, Alnico 3, and Alnico 5 each magnets produces a different tone on the guitar. So selection depends on what the user wants out of their guitar. Grade 2 Alnico is commonly used for a more vintage tone found in a 1950 telecaster. Grade 3 is said to be the weakest of the three grades because the magnet contains significantly less cobalt than the other two magnets. This results in a decrease in the magnetic pull which makes it great for neck pickups. Grade 5 is the most powerful of three different grades as its tone and response is much stronger than the other two. This is an advantage to bride pickups where the vibrations are at their weakest.

Our Alnico magnets work great in guitar pickups but there are also incredibly useful in speakers, microphones, measuring instruments, relays, and actuators. Whatever you need may be you can look to Technomag to supply it and couple it with premium customer service. Our knowledgeable representatives understand our products and the applications that they fit at a deep level. So if you have any further questions about our Alnico magnets, whether you are looking to use them in guitar pickups or another application, do not hesitate to call us today.

Technomag Electronic Components Line - 6/3/2015

Since 1999, Technomag has been working hard to provide top of the line products and services for our customers. We take pride in being able to offer a wide range of products from magnets to electronic connectors. We are a top supplier and distributor of electronic components all across the globe, we are proud to say we have the hard to find components for a wide variety of applications and industries. We work with our customers to ensure that all of our products meet and exceed their expectations and fit their specifications. We are constantly improving our product line in an effort to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. We are happy to announce that we are broadening our electronics component line with a variety of new components.

First, we would like to introduce you to a series of news chokes. We understand that every application requires a specific component. This is we are happy to say we now support and provide: Ferrite wire wound common mode chokes, Metal molded Power Choke, Molded Power Choke, Ferrite Assembly Power Choke, Assembly Power Choke, and Ferrite Multilayer common mode chokes. These chokes work as inductors that can be used to block, or choke, higher frequencies in an electrical circuit.

We stand by these products and all of our other products; because we know that we have performed all the proper tests and quality assurances to stake our reputation on them. In addition to these chokes, we also now support and provide: Ferrite Multilayer Chip beads, Ceramic Multilayer Chip Inductors, Ceramic thin film chip Inductors, Ceramic wire wound chip Inductors, Ferrite Multilayer Chip Inductors, Ferrite Wire Wound Chip Inductors, Ferrite Assembly Power Inductors, Ferrite Power Inductors: Unshielded, Magnetic Wire Wound Power Inductor, and Ferrite Multilayer Power Inductors.

Technomag Micro Coaxial Connector Receptacle - 4/3/2015

Over the past several years, Technomag, along with some of our partners, have been developing a brand new connector product. This new connector will serve to compliment our many other electronic components and will help us to better serve radio frequency (RF) applications. Our new component is a vertical type micro coaxial connector receptacle. We developed this product to be used as a wire to board connector for coaxial cables, particularly for small scale applications.

As its name would suggest, this micro receptacle is quite small, measuring only a few millimeters on each side, and it has been designed for use with some of the smallest coaxial cables available, AWG gauge 36, 32, and 30. The receptacle is constructed from a high temperature thermoplastic housing and gold plated copper contacts. This construction allows the device to be used at a broad range of temperatures, from -40°C to 90°C, and thus used in diverse applications. The receptacle is also rated to function with frequencies ranging between 0 Hz and 6 GHz, making it perfect for use in the radio frequency industry.

In order to utilize the connector receptacle, it must simply be soldered to the electrical board, and the cable can then be mated to the plug connector. With this product, it will be much simpler and more effective to connect small coaxial cables and maintain contact between the cable and the electrical board. We are incredibly excited to provide this excellent product to the radio frequency industry! If you would like more information or are interested in our micro coaxial connector receptacle, we welcome your questions and are ready to help! Give us a call today!

Technomag: Badge Magnets - 3/16/2015

Here at Technomag, we have been manufacturing and fabricating all kinds of magnets and magnetic assemblies for more than 15 years. From bonded rare earth magnets to ceramic magnets, we offer a diverse range of magnet options which are used in automotive, actuator, roller, and sensor applications. Over the past few years, we have enhanced our product offerings with even more magnetic components like magnetic hooks, magnetic buttons, and teaching magnets. This week we would like to highlight our badge magnets.

Badge magnets are used for fastening name tags and other identification information to clothing. We offer many different kinds of badge magnets, including name tag fasteners, name badge holders, name tag lapel pins, and frame badges. These magnets offer an alternative to pin name tags which require poking holes in clothing. Two sets of magnets are used to keep these badges held in place. One set of magnets is attached to the badge on the outside of the clothing and the other is placed on the inside of the clothing. The two sets are then attracted to each other and thus hold together with the clothing between. Unlike pins, these badge holders will not tear or damage clothing if the badge is suddenly snagged or caught on something. They are also ideal for thicker clothing like heavy jackets that would be very difficult to poke a pin through.

For large corporations, these badge magnets are an easy way to help employees and personnel keep their identification information safe and secure. They are simple to use and come in many different colors, sizes, and configurations, so you can find the perfect option for your applications. Check out our badge magnets and our other magnetic assemblies on our website!

Technomag is an experienced RF product supplier - 2/20/2015

Technomag is capable to offer a full range of standard RF connectors and designs upon your request. Efficient & Effective!! Technomag is just right for you. We are an experienced RF product supplier and our wide product range can offer you one-stop-shopping.

  • RF Frequency (SMA 27 GHz, HDTV)
  • RF Low Interference (Non Magnetic, Low PIM)
  • RF Switches
  • RF Sealed Connectors
  • RF Anti-Vibration
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Micro-Miniature Co-Axial Connectors (MMCX, SMP, SSMA, SSMB)
  • Sub-Miniature Co-Axial connectors (1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, 2.92mm, FME, MCX, SMA, SMB, SMC)
  • Miniature Co-Axial Connectors (BNC, mini UHF, TNC)
  • Standard Co-Axial Connectors (7/16, N and UHF)
  • SMT Cable Assemblies

Technomag Announces RF Coaxial Cable Connectors - 1/30/2015

We are continuously trying to provide our customers with the highest quality items at the most cost effective price. To achieve these low prices we have now undertaken a project which will greatly reduce costs. We will now begin crossing RF coaxial cable connectors which will offer high performance and all of these are extensively tested. RF cables are electrical connectors that are utilized for transferring radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. These connectors will generally be equipped with some form of fastening device such as a brace, thread, bayonet, or blind mate connector.

With manufacturing experiences dating back to 1999 we understand that the electronics industry is constantly changing and we strive to stay on the forefront of our industry. Our teams help customers find hassle-free solutions and all of our innovations are beyond compare. If you are in need of reliable and long-lasting RF coaxial cable connectors then turn to Technomag Inc. today!

Technomag Offers Printed Circuit Board Assembly - 12/23/2014

Technomag has recently undertaken a new supply of multilayer printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assembly. Printed circuit boards, also known as PCB, are devices that support and electrically connect different types of electronic components. These boards utilize conductive tracks and other items which are typically etched from copper sheets that laminated on substrates that are non-conductive. Multilayered PCBs are double sided and can be equipped with capacitors, resistors, active devices and other components.

Since we are offer printed circuit board assembly customers can now send us gerber files and components lists so we can manufacture the PCB for their application. A gerber file is a type of file that provides the exact specifications for printed circuit boards. These files will contain parameters, solder, legend and much more. For more information please visit our website or give one of our representatives a call today. We can answer all of your questions regarding our new printed circuit board assembly process.

Expanding our crossing capabilities to include additional parts - 12/5/14

Our experts here at Technomag Inc. work hard to provide our customers with the best magnets, and electronic components. Recently we have begun providing different crosses for various components and we are expanding these efforts into even more parts including our MLCC capacitors and connectors. These MLCC capacitors are utilized for a number of industries such as telecommunications, industrial, and even military applications. Our affordable capacitors are engineered for high voltages, high current and high frequency ranges and our products can be designed in a number of styles such as chip, fixed, monolithic, multilayer and surface mount.

We have manufacturing experiences dating back to 1999 and we are continuously striving to stay on the forefront of our industry to provide our clients with the most versatile solutions. It is our mission at Technomag Inc to provide high quality products at a very affordable price. If you would like to learn more about new products then please give us a call today!

Crossing Electronic Components for a Fraction of the Price - 11/18/2014

When faced with procuring hard-to-reach electronic components at a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new, Technomag Electronics is your answer. In order to pass on savings, we are now working on crossing (manufacturing equivalent) passive and active electronic components with end of line (EOL) parts.

Our electronic components division works with the telecommunications, industrial, military spec, obsolete, microwave RF/IF, and commercial applications. On our electronic components product page you will find that we offer:


  • Materials: Ceramic - Electrolytic - Glass - Film - Mica
  • Styles: Chip - Fixed - Monolithic - Multilayer -Surface Mount
  • Ranges: High Voltage - High Current - High Frequency
  • Industries: Military Spec - Telecommunications - Industrial

Integrated Circuits (IC)

  • Materials: Thick Film - Thin Film
  • Styles: Integrated - Linear - Logic - Memory - Multilayer
  • Industries: Obsoletes and Surplus


  • Audio - Broadcast - Cable - Circuit - Electric Power - Electronic - Ethernet - Hermetically Sealed - Integrated Circuit
  • Magnet - Military Spec - Miniature - Pin & Socket - Semiconductor - SMA - Surface Mount - Transformer - Wire


  • Materials: Germanium - Silicon
  • Styles: Bridge - LED - Infrared - Schottky - Surface Mount - Tuning - Zener
  • Ranges: Fast Recovery - High Power - High Voltage - Small Signal Step & Fast Recovery
  • Industries: Military - Microwave - RF / IF

Ferrite Chip Beads, Common Mode Chokes, Low Voltage Regulators (LDOs), Mosfets & more!

To find out how Technomag can create a cost-saving solution to your electronic component needs, call one of our experts today.

Ferrite Beads Are Ideal For Filtering Unwanted Signals - 10/27/2014

Here at Technomag Inc. we have begun supplying our customers with chip ferrite beads. Ferrite beads are electric components designed to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits. These devices range in a variety of different sizes and configurations. Typically you will see larger types of ferrite beads on various kinds of external cabling however smaller chip ferrite beads can be found in internal circuits on the connectors, transistors and integrated circuits.

Ferrite beads are known for being one of the least expensive forms of interference filters to install especially on pre-existing electronic cabling. These beads are often used as inductors to form what is known as a passive low-pass filter which is a filter that allows for signals with a frequency lower than the cutoff frequency to pass through the device. This energy that is blocked will either flow back in the direction in came from or dissipate resulting in low level heat.

Generally a ferrite bead can be implemented into an inductor to improve its ability to block the high frequency noise by utilizing a concentrated magnetic field that filters out the noise. The ferrite can also be designed with additional components to form further resistance inside the ferrite. Ferrites can even be manufactured with different materials to meet application needs based on the type of frequency.

A Spectrum of Industrial Magnets - 10/16/2014

Since industrial settings include many different kinds of manufacturing, such as automotive, electronic, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and metal manufacturers, that means there are a multitude of uses for industrial magnets. Magnets are utilized in just about every industry in some capacity, and they serve many purposes. Depending on the application industrial magnets can take on various shapes, can be made of different materials, and can produce magnetic fields in different ways.

The shape of industrial magnets plays a crucial role in how it utilized in certain industries. Bar magnets are rectangular magnets, used to create compasses and incorporated in motor systems, and they can be manufactured in a range of sizes. Other magnets are even shaped into coils, strips, and sheets.

There are two main categories of industrial magnets: electromagnets and permanent magnets. Electromagnets require electrical currents to generate their magnetic field, and are therefore known as non-permanent magnets. Permanent magnets, on the other hand, are magnetic due to their molecular structure and are magnetic all the time, but the strength of their magnetic field is influenced by environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold and corrosion.

Industrial magnets can also be manufactured from a variety of materials for different applications. These materials include alnico magnets, ceramic magnets, neodymium magnets, and iron magnets all with different characteristics. The strength, porosity, permanence, and cost of these magnets are all important factors to consider as these will have an impact on their use.

Alnico Magnets: Musically Sound - 9/30/2014

Like most industrial materials, magnets can be found in different places such as musical instruments and equipment, where one would never have expected to find them. Specifically, it is alnico magnets, which are made from a combination of cobalt, nickel and aluminum that are used within musical systems. A couple other elements are also used to create alnico magnets, but they are used in such small amounts they are rarely mentioned.

In general, magnetic materials are not easy to shape because they are such hard materials as well as the fact that ferrite magnets have permanent magnetism and therefore are always drawing certain types of metal to themselves. These types of industrial magnets also tend to be a bit more brittle and must be handled with care. However, one of the reasons alnico magnets are popular is because they are not as brittle, although they can be difficult to manufacture they are useful enough that manufacturers suffer through to create a variety of products.

Guitar pickups, which are everywhere in our musically obsessed culture these days, utilize alnico magnets to pick up the reverberation and sound from an electric guitar and move the sound through the amps and speakers to the ears of the people in the crowd. Other musically oriented equipment that utilizes magnets, specifically alnico magnets include microphones and speakers as well. It is not just instrumental and musical equipment manufacturers that use alnico magnets. Scientific research and education settings often utilize alnico magnets for experiments as well as demonstrations of the basic magnetic energy that surrounds a permanent magnet. They are also used in classic metal fabrication environments to collect and move metal scrap as well as work within automotive systems such as DC motors and generators.

The Conforming Powers of Magnetic Strips - 9/11/2014

Conformity is a social structure as well as a word that refers to how well certain industrial or commercial products are able to adjust when being combined with other products or surfaces. Both uses of the word have the same essence, although one is philosophical while the other is practical. Conformity within society refers to a person molding themselves to fit into a social group that they would not normally fit in if they let their personalities develop independently of other people’s opinions. Industrial products such as magnetic strips epitomize the word conformity in much the same way but without the negative connotation. Magnetic strips are able to conform to the shape of whatever object they are being attached to, whether that shape is flat or curved, square or straight. The conformity of magnetic strips makes them more attractive in the industrial and commercial market because they can be used in so many ways.

The manufacturing process that creates magnetic strips is a bit different from other magnetic manufacturing processes because of the flexibility required of the strips. Ground down to powder and shaped from that state is similar to the creation of other industrial magnets, but the powdered material for magnetic strips is also mixed with rubber material so it is able to conform to unconventional surfaces. Adhesive is also added to the back of most magnetic strips so that they may be firmly attached to surfaces without fear of following off prematurely. Although they are used in industrial settings, magnetic strips are more commonly found in residential and commercial settings on the backs of pin-up boards, advertising boards, trade show displays and being used to store a variety of craft supplies and similar products. This style of magnet is present in more places then one would imagine, which is another reason why it is such a wonderful example of the word conformity. The idea as well as the product it describes are both found around every bend in the road.

Technomag Carries a Wide Array of Products, including Magnet Clasps

Technomag Carries a wide array of Badge Clips, Metal Clips, Pins, safety Pins, Badge Bar Pins, Pin Clutches, Badge Reels and much more. If you need other sizes or have a specific design of ID badge clips or pins we will also be glad to assist you.

Name Tag Badge Magnet Fastener Super Strong (TMBLUEMAG)

Name Tag Badge Magnet Fastener

Color : Blue ( Also available in other colors upon request)

  • Perfect for clothing including heavy Jackets, no holes or pins required
  • 1 3/4" x 1/2" slim perfect for comfort and handling
  • Comes with a strong Adhesive backing to firmly secure your badge or name tag
  • Made with high quality ABS Plastic and rare earth magnets
  • Not meant for people who use a pacemaker
Black Magnetic Name Badge Holder (TMBLACKMAG)

Black Magnetic Name Badge Holder

  • Magnet: N35, D9.5 x 2.5mm, Ni plated
  • 1 ¾” x ½”
  • (Also Available in 1 ¼” length)
  • Made with high quality ABS Plastic and rare earth magnets
Name Badge Holder Nickel Plated (TMNIASSEMBLY)

Nickel Plated Name Badge Holder

  • 1 ¾” x ½”
  • Magnet: N35, D9.5 x 2.5mm, Ni plated

We can supply in 3mm. 4mm. 5mm, 6mm. 8mm. and 10mm. sizes in Imitation and Gold plating. Easy to use for chains and bracelets, no clasps or lobster claws, strong magnets.

Magnet Clasp Magnet Clasp

The Certainty of Ceramic Magnets

Everyone is familiar with what magnets are. You learn about them in elementary school, we see them on refrigerators, use them as reminders, advertisements and purchase them as souvenirs. The basic properties of magnets are understood, that they use a magnetic field to create attraction to objects. Surely the true definition is a lot more complicated than what I just mentioned, but for the standard person, that definition suits us well. What we may not be familiar about though, is that magnets come in a variety of styles and compositions.

A ceramic magnet is one of the most popular materials that magnets are made from. They are popular because they are hard and brittle, but also are able to be flexible in some cases. Their flexible composition makes them ideal for a variety of uses around the home, but their advantages do not stop there. The main benefits of ceramic magnets are the cost of the magnets and the longevity of their life. The materials that are needed to create a ceramic magnet are abundant and fairly cheap, so the costs of producing them are very low. The production process is also a fairly simple process, so the costs are lowered even more. Unlike other magnetic options, ceramic magnets have the ability to retain their magnetic properties for a long period of time and are sometimes referred to as permanent magnets. Along with these benefits, ceramic magnets are also very resistant to corrosion. These benefits are often what drive the purchase and use of magnets, so it creates a big advantage for the ceramic magnet.

Because of the ceramic magnet’s numerous benefits, it is a perfect fit for a number of different purposes. Ceramic magnets are found in speakers, classrooms, and various medical systems such as MRI machines. The versatility that this magnet provides is certainly its strongest advantage.

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