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Technomag Electronics: line card

Techno Magnets

Your #1 Supplier of Magnets, Components and LED Lighting
and now providing Plastic Injection Molding capabilities

Manufacturer & fabricator of bonded & sintered rare earth (neodymium-iron-boron & samarium cobalt), bonded ferrite, cast & sintered alnico & ceramic magnets. Isotropic & anisotropic, compression or injection molded. Magnetization patterns include standard, 2-pole, multipole & radial in all shapes, sizes & grades. Custom fabrication from prototype to production. Quotations & samples provided with inventory of standard sizes available. Applications include automotive, sensors, hall effect, reed switches, transducers, actuators, meters, instruments, alarms, buzzers, motors, rollers for copiers, printers, tools & holding. Design & engineering assistance available for any application. Our Technomag Electronics division provides all types of semiconductors including obsolete, standard & long lead time components.

Technomag Lighting Division can also supply various types of LED lighting for all Home, Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Established in 1999 by industry veterans we have been providing magnets and magnet assemblies with excellent quality and prompt service and thank all our valued customers for supporting us. Over the last few years our product line has increased further to badge and pin findings as well..

In addition our electronic components division, Technomag Electronics has been providing our customers with electronic components ranging from simple passive to complex integrated circuits especially obsolete components.

Feel free to call, e-mail or fax us for any of your magnet or component needs, we guarantee a prompt response from our sales professionals.

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